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Run, Hide, Fight Back by April Henry

      Run, Hide, Fight Back takes place in a mall called FairGate Mall.There is an active shooter situation with multiple shooters in the mall. A group of teens, Miranda, Grace, Cole, and Javier, band together together to try to get out. There is also a teenage boy, Parker, who is trying to figure out what to do to get them out. They are all trying to figure out a way to get out safely while also trying to avoid the shooter and getting shot. It is a really good book and I would definitely recommend it! 

                                                                                                        Review by: Rhianna L.

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Shadowlands by Kate Brian

From the beginning, the novel, Shadowlands, by Kate Brian kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. Rory Miller, a high schooler is attacked in the woods by her Chemistry teacher, Mr. Nell. She is put into witness protection and is sent to a vacation island. What she didn’t know about was the mysterious disappearances of people around her. She meets a new group of friends who know why people are leaving without a goodbye, but Rory is kept in the dark. The ending was incredible and it’s a must read!

                                                                                                       Review by Kyah W. 

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli

      The Upside of Unrequited is a wonderful story about Molly, a teenage girl who's hopeless love life is turned upside down when her twin sister gets a girlfriend. Throughout the story, Molly slowly finds herself falling for two different men; Hipster Will, a cute red-haired hipster who likes to drink, and Middle-Earth Reid, a husky Tolkien fan with blinding-white sneakers. She also comes into conflict with her slowly drifting twin sister, Cassie, and is surrounded by wonderful friends such as Olivia, Abby, Max, and Mina. As a whole, The Upside of Unrequited is an amazingly written book chronicling Molly's uncertainty about her feelings and anxiety. Her actions and thoughts feel extremely realistic, and hit quite close to home to anyone who has felt that same unrequited love. Various topics, such as body issues, self-doubt, and maturity are handled amazingly in this must-read coming of age story.  

                                                                                                        Review by: Anderson H.

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Here the Whole Time by Vitor Martins

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 12.03.23 PM.png

     The book Here The Whole Time by Vitor Martins is a story about an overweight boy with body issues named Felipe trying to find acceptance of himself and admit his love to his neighbor, Caio. The story centers around Caio's stay at Felipe's house over winter break, and focuses on the slowly building bond and relationship between Felipe and Caio. The story itself is well written, for the most part. The plot flows naturally, and the book is difficult to set down during the latter half of the story. There are some issues in the writing, however; there are moments where the humor falls flat, and some characters feel flat and one-note. Felipe is bullied on a handful of occasions throughout the book, but the bullies hardly have a presence otherwise and are overcome during their second appearance. They are quite forgettable, and do not feel to have much of a bearing on the story. Despite these flaws, however, Here The Whole Time is an excellent story about two boys slowly falling in love and, by the end, will make the reader fall in love as well.

                                                                                                       Review by Anderson H. 

Almost an American by Robin Hu

      Almost an American Girl by Robin Hu is a true story based on her life when she moved to America. Robin had lived in Korea up until she turned fourteen when her mom decided that it was time for a  change of scenery. Robin learns a lot of new things but she still misses her old life in Korea. This book is very interesting and the literature and artwork are beautiful.  You will fall in love with Robin and have a new sense of respect for your parents and all that they do for you.   

                                                                                                        Review by: Abigail P.

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Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 11.36.39 AM.png

The Dragonet Prophecy by Tui T. Sutherland

     The Dragonet Prophecy is a very good book. It is about Clay and his friends who have grown up under a mountain, secretly raised by the Talons of Peace to fulfill a mysterious prophecy. The five young dragons are destined to end the war that's been raging between the tribes of Pyrrhia and to me people who like books about dragons and adventure should absolutely read the wings of fire also because the book is engaging, easy to read, and very well written: the dragons talk and behave much like human tweens and teens, but their struggles and their adventures all take place in the fantasy world of Pyrrhia, where dragons are the main characters and humans are only mentioned in passing as scavengers.

                                                                                                            Review by: Jayden B. 

White Smoke by Tiffany D. Jackson

     White Smoke by Tiffany D. Jackson is a young adult thriller about a teenage girl named Marigold who is trying to overcome her past mistakes. Her life, in her opinion, isn’t the best. Especially with her bratty little step-sister Piper and Piper’s dad who is always taking up for her little sister no matter what. When Mari starts to feel suspicious about her new house she seeks out answers not knowing where those answers will take her. This coming of age book will have you on the edge of your seat with every chapter!

                                                                                                                     Review by: Amya D. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 12.25.39 PM.png

If I Stay by Gail Forman

     If I stay is one of those books that will keep you up until 2:00 a.m. reading. The main character, Mia, barely survives a terrible car accident where her entire family is killed. The book follows her journey in a sort of "in between" life and death where she has the power to decide whether she will stay or die. During this out of body experience, Mia is able to observe her hospital visitors and their grief. She is torn between her boyfriend, Adam, who wants her to live- and the thought of living in a world without her parents or little brother. The story, told between present day and

flashbacks, allows you to fall in love with Mia and her family. 


Ruined by Amy Tintera

     Ruined takes place in a world of turmoil, where you can kill or be killed. Four kingdoms are all struggling to have control. Emelina Flores is from the kingdom of Ruina, where everyone has powers. Everyone except Emelina. After her family is executed she is ready to seek revenge by infiltrating the castle of the royals responsible, and marrying their son in order to kill them all. She didn't expect to actually like Cas, the prince of Lera. How can she possible follow through with her plans to avenge her family and save Ruina now? Full of ACTION, betrayal, and just enough romance.


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